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The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition showcases the most exciting cutting-edge UK science & technology.

Ancient to Future Solar Fuels: So you want to know more?


We have divided our publications into those exploring the mechanism of the fuel producing enzymes we use, and their incorporation in to artificial photosynthesis systems.

Enzyme mechanism publications

1) Evans, Rhiannon M., Parkin, Alison., Roessler, Maxie M., Murphy, Bonnie J., Adamson,…

Clever Microbes: Grow em at home


Thank you to everyone who has sent us pictures of the microbes they grew at home following our petri dish giveaway at the summer science exhibition. Here are some of the best pictures…

(If you have pictures too, send them in we’d love to see them! Although we hope nobody can beat those of Fred…

A Pinch Of Salt: Our favourite memories...


So nearly a week on from the manic and exhausting but inspiring Summer Science event we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite moments on the stall! What were your favourite things?

  • The look on people’s faces after trying saltwater sample number 2
  • Small children having fun with…


The show and tell sessions at the Summer Science Exhibition were a lot of fun, and gave the exhibiting teams the opportunity to say a bit more about some of the items they had on display. Today’s video is a snippet from the Clever Microbes show and tell session. Clever Microbes team member Paul Kirk uses 3d protein models, together with a story about contacting the President of the USA through Facebook, to explain how bacterial cells sense and respond to their environment.

Prehistoric colours: Week of Questions: Part 1


Fantastic time at the Summer Science Exhibition at the Royal Society last week. We thought you might enjoy and benefit from a list of our favourite most commonly asked questions and some more obscure themes we found ourselves discussing.

Did dinosaurs have feathers?

Indeed some did, birds are…